Business Consulting

Running a successful business is tough. It takes money, hard work, a good product/service and of course a team to make it all a reality. The team is where BB&B Business Group can help your business. Small business translates to “small staff”, with the owner wearing many, if not all, of the hats in the company. As the company grows, staffing is increased and roles are added as they are needed with people “growing” into their position. Often times the head of Marketing or the CFO of a small firm began their time with the company in a very different role and their new duties came with little to no training or prior experience. They were just the “lucky ones” that had the time at that moment or the interest to create the company’s first ad or to talk to the tax accountant/bank/supplier and the rest shall we say is “history”.

Often though, in order to move the company to the next level sales and profitability requires someone with more experience or knowledge and they of course require a much larger salary. This then become the “chicken and the egg” question of growth – which comes first; the staff or the money to pay them? This is where we can help.

We can assist you and your company by providing the marketing and financial background and experience to help your firm grow in size WITHOUT making the financial commitment that additional staff brings. We can help you expand your markets, refine your advertising, or improve your cash flow at a predetermined cost. We can be brought in to help with those needed tasks which will allow you to better understand and control your business and at the end of the engagement leave you without a long term burden to your profitability. We are an excellent resource for those short term projects or as a staffing bridge to the next level of sales that every company needs at times to handle effective growth.

Let us sit down with you so we can show you how we can help you reach your next level of sales and be more profitable while doing it.