Video Commercial Production

Video production for both Online and Television

Lights, camera, action!!! Quality video work is much more than just pointing a camera and turning it on. Not only does the script have to be crafted but you have to consider lighting, camera work, direction, editing, music, voice overs, sound/special effects, titles and more to put together a quality piece that you would be proud of. Fortunately we have a talented team of artists that can put together a great high definition video for your company’s web site, television or both.

Better yet we can do it affordably for you as well since we typically produce both a television ad AND a longer format video for your web site at the same time. Our rates are typically lower than most production houses for what they charge for just the television ad  – it is like getting two for the price of one!! Share with us your “vision” and we can quote you specific prices and also help you do it economically.